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M-OEE8 PL and Allies hit CO2 Keepstar

by Darius_Falc, 3 days ago

Hey Folks,

Last night in M-OEE8 the largest battle of the year took place with PL and Allies hitting a TEST/CO2 Keepstar putting it into reinforced. You can find the battle report here:


The Keepstar comes out of reinforced Saturday at 18:50 and if we have interest I'd like to take a small fleet up there just to say we were in on a Keepstar kill (will look good on the kb as well). Chances of survival are roughly 0. We probably won't even make it up there but heck...we kinda have to try! It might be worth us taking some ships up there Friday night and logging off in system or next door maybe.



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Dick Cane Weekend

by Darius_Falc, 7 days ago

I really would like to get these out and play with them over the weekend. If you don't have one but can fly one then have a chat to myself or Asante and we'll figure out how to get a few of them down here. These things will do really bad botty rape stuff to Trigger Kittens. :)


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Welcome to the New Dark Harlequins Corp Site

by Darius_Falc, 8 days ago

I've been meaning to get around to creating us a guild site for some time as there are now enough of us so that as more people arrive to join our merry band of misfits it would be good for them to have one place to go to for information. The Corp site will evolve over time so watch this space but the intent is for it to have the following types of information:

  • The ethos of Dark Harlequins
  • Our current fleet doctrines
  • Where to find corporation resources
  • What to do if you have a problem (that doesn't involve having some old bloke in glasses with a German accent talk to you about your mother)
  • Who we like - or who we really *don't* want to upset
  • Who we currently don't like - or who we really *do* want to upset
  • What to do in an emergency (Which may range from "call a veteran" to "Stick your head between your legs and kiss your a$%£ goodbye." depending on the nature of the emergency)

Most of this information will live in the forums but occasionally if something is really important it will appear here on the main page. Have fun and fly safe. 


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